Intellitrain Subscription - Free Trial

7 day free trial. If you cancel in your first week you will not be charged.

Subscription is the most flexible way there is to stay current, or when combined with Per Subject Assessments, to get qualified.

You will have access to an entire library of subjects covering a wide range of Skill Sets, Certificates and Diplomas, as well as professional development short courses. This allows you to study what you want, when you want; without the pressure of full qualification fees, payment plans and deadlines.

You only pay the Per Subject Assessment Fee for those subjects you want to be formally enrolled and assessed on, and only when you are ready to submit. Complete all the required subjects in accordance with the relevant training package(s) and you can attain full qualifications issued by Australis College (RTO 31518).

The Assessment Fee varies per subject. Click HERE for more details on which subjects are needed for which qualifications, assessment costs and other information.

Terms and Conditions